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male, 24 - love music - i hit bright neon balls and small white ones - lies down in green pastures with the Almighty God - can be really bad about calling back - enjoys watching the play count go up for each song i post - like to listen to others and give feedback for whatever it's worth - trying to grow and improve daily; so far from where i need to be. optimistic.

Pieces Of Mee: KONY 2012: Causing more harm than good. 


Dear Jason Russell,

After being bombarded with your KONY 2012 crusade, I have no choice but to respond to your highly inaccurate, offensive, and harmful propaganda. I realized I had to respond in hopes of stopping you before you cause more violence and deaths to the Acholi people (Northern…

Reblog if ever you did this when you were little.


you will start the process like this

and then end up like this


starbucks logo evolution

modern family :)

There’s no safe place to study…


Trying to do homework on your bed

Trying to do homework at your desk

Trying to do homework in the Kitchen.

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Trying to take a photo while jumping





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Just saw a facebook status:


“Who cares that Steve Jobs is dead?!? What has he ever done for me??”

Via facebook for iPhone

and I was like:



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Dear sidewalk, Please get wider... Sincerely, third friend walking behind feeling excluded. 

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When the teacher sees you chewing gum

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